Interview Tips and Preparation:

  1. Look at the company website. Preparation is key to a successful interview.
  2. Do a bit of research. What is happening within the company, are they showing up in the news? It creates some groundwork for you to ask questions about the company that is current and relevant. It shows initiative and it also shows you are interested.
  3. Read the job spec carefully. Be sure it is a job you want to go for. You cannot request another job within an interview.
  4. When you give our recruitment agent your desired salary, make sure you have thought about it and it is actually what you will move for. Asking your prospective employer for another amount will reflect badly on you, as it will seem that you don’t know what you actually want and you are a chancer.
  5. First impressions make the biggest impression. Dress your best, and be neat and professional.
  6. Don’t speak badly about a previous employer
  7. Keep the interview positive about your experience and aspirations
  8. Don’t discuss religion or politics
  9. Make sure you know your notice period so you can give the correct information in your interview
  10. Don’t discuss personal problems
  11. Look where the company is on a map or Google Maps, so you know where you are going and will be on time, and so you can make the decision whether the distance and time getting to work will suit you.


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