Get Hunted: Tips to creating an outstanding CV

  1. Get your spell check on, bad spelling is unacceptable.
  2. Include Dates:

    Dates of employment history – start to finish
    Dates of all qualifications, courses and certificates – start to finish

  3. Names of the institutions where you completed your qualifications.
  4. The reason you left your previous companies. This will be a guide for us to help you find what you are looking for.
  5. Don’t use abbreviations, it can create confusion, a company may use another type of abbreviation. Don’t put hurdles in your CV.
  6. Make your employment history as comprehensive as possible, for example: what were your duties, what technology and programs did you utilise, and what the methodologies you used were?
  7. If you worked on a contract or project-by-project basis, please list the project and your role within the project. Make it as descriptive as possible and include timeframes where possible.

And remember:

  1. Be honest. You cannot build a lasting and successful business relationship on lies
  2. If one of the reasons you left a previous position was because it was not the right fit for you, it is an acceptable reason
  3. Don’t start looking for a new job and put yourself on the market if you are not ready to commit to the process of interviews.
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